weekend house kids.

‘We love design, flora, animals and all the beauty that surround us in the natural world. That is how weekend house kids. emerged, for everything that surrounds us; our kids, our dogs, natural habitat, gardens, the wonderful organic moments that arise as we all live together as a family and with friends, on weekends, on holidays. A brand where comfort and awareness about the planet we live in comes first’.

Our World 

Weekend house kids was created in 2018 in Mataró, a small fishing village to the north of Barcelona, from the desire of two sisters to create a sustainable kids’ brand with a Mediterranean touch. Today, we continue with the same enthusiasm and commitment, creating wonderful stories to tell and working hand-in-hand with textile experts based just 3 km from our headquarters. This close way of working allows us to ensure excellent quality, guarantee good working conditions for our suppliers, and care for our planet.

All our garments are designed and drawn by hand, free of limitations, by the creative director and co-founder of Weekend House Kids, and consciously made using natural materials and the time required. We are a small family, in weekend house kids everything grows with love.

Weekend House kids is available online worldwide and in selected stores.



Since our foundation in 2018 we have worked with the same textile experts based 3 km from our headquarters in Mataró, Catalonia (Spain). Being so close to our suppliers allows us to maintain a close relationship and therefore greater transparency, traceability and flexibility in the whole process of production. Our garments are handcrafted with the right technology using 100% organic cotton endorsed by the world's leading textile processing standard for natural fibers GOTS. The dyes we use are non-toxic and do not contain harmful chemicals, endorsed by the STANDARD 100 by Oeko-Tex certificate. We also use Bluesign certified low water dyeing processes and textile effluent treatments. In addition, for the packaging of our garments we use recyclable and biodegradable materials such as craft paper and tissue paper. The execution process of our suppliers complies with the REACH regulation and is based on the experience of past generations. We only produce what we sell.