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Summer Fun & Sun

There is nothing more fun than a day of games with friends, Laughter, fruit, games and more laughter, discover the adventures in Salinas with Special Thanks Studio.






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Special Thanks Studio, Cris & Siro

We have known Cristina and Siro for years, and now we have met again to learn more about their creative process as a couple with the added bonus of motherhood and fatherhood.

They live in Salinas and have a creative studio where they create all the wonders you can imagine, always connected with the world and traveling non-stop, capable of creating the corporate image of a company as making a giant illustrated mural for a client.

And little Nico accompanies them on many of the days.
Being close to the family, they always receive visits, between laughs, a pleasure to spend the day with them.

Their creativity has no limits, find out more about them at @specialthanksstudios






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A Weekend with Vera, Marina & Pau

We are lucky to have such a talented friends around the world. In our Weekend Story we present Vera, Marina and Pau, a couple from Badalona and their daughter, ​​who have escaped for a weekend to
Cadaques, one of the most inspiring places on the Costa Brava (Catalonia), a magical place with impeccable architecture dated from the 60’s, where architects like Coderch have left their legacy.
Marina de Luis @marinadeluis is a multidisciplinary photographer with great talent, she knows how to capture the moment and is a great lover of analog, do not miss her vision of the world.
Her partner is Pau Soler alias @saupoler, a composer that has an exquisite ear for rhythms. Don’t miss his new project @industries_soniques – “Sonic oddities for your eyes”.

Don’t miss her look at the world and the exploration of the surroundings by little Vera.

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The color project

Marc Shearwood & Rachel Caulfield



“Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.”



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Helene and Evelyne


I’m Helene, I live in the Empordà and I love it!!!



My mother is called Evelyne and she’s a contemporary dancer, she also teaches group and individual dance classes at @studio.rossie.
I love watching her dance and sometimes I imitate her around the house, one day I’ll be a dancer too.
I also love playing at home, blowing bubbles, and taking pictures.
Don’t miss out on a day with me, my mother, and my friends at Weekend House Kids.


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Camille Rousseau artist from Amsterdam



Weekendhousekids is happy to introduce you to Raphaelle, who’s 3 and her mother Camille Rousseau born in 1980, in France. They live between Paris and Amsterdam.

Raphaelle loves to play at home and watch her mother paint. Camille is an artist with a broad background who originally studied graphic design and later specialized in film and 3d animation in Arles, she finalized her studies in Central Saint Martins in London, where she completed and MA in communication and design. Her background in art and design informs her artwork, which is poetic and lyrical, rooted in an abstract expression of artistry. She knows how to communicate using different mediums and has collaborated on projects, which range from textiles to mixed media photographs and she also creates abstract pieces of artwork. Her current work is beautiful abstract art of large rocklike formations in earthy tones.




-How do you approach your creative process?
I listen to music and look at many different things.
Nature, authors, designer, painter I surround myself with artists and love the presence of friends, discussion of all sorts.
Then I copy a lot of different natural forms. I draw on my sketch book. I love scrolling down on diverse instagram artist  accounts.
I am addicted to talented people and artist’s biographies. My daughter makes me think differently, fresh eyes and spirit. She has the natural talent that kids have. I have to learn from her eyes. She will teach me more that I can even explain since I learn to draw.
She will teach me to unlearn.


-If you could invite any three artists to a dinner party, who would they be?
It would be Win Wendeers, Picasso and Christo et Jeanne
We would discuss our capacity to make people happier in this new world.



-What music do you listen to while working?
I listen to many things very different Nicolas Jaar / Chopin / Rodolphe Burger / Nils frahm / Debussy / Beethoven / BBKING
Podcast french : france cuture
However  If I paint more than 4 hours when I have to concentrate I stop everything.


-How has becoming a mother changed or informed your work?
Everything has changed I wasn’t able  to work for news commercial commissions but I could only plan my own personal project agenda, I had to drastically be myself.


-If you could collaborate with any artist alive or dead who would it be?
I would collaborate with my brother on an architectural monumental structure or a musicien like Nicolas Jaar or a classical musicien.



-If you could have invented any object in the world, what would it be and why?
I like objects that brings you from place to another feeling free so that would be maybe a bike.


-What’s your favourite artwork?
So many … but to be honest and very simple
Picasso made it all.


-How has your artistic practice changed over time?
It has changed from 3D animation to canvas acrylic ink painting to clay material. Any new process I want to lean now.
It took me a long time to mature and explore I was scared or unsafe possibly unaware of the possibilities to be myself because I had to satisfy orther commercial brand. So the reward was always a little fake.
Now that I reach myself a little bit more I can serve and feed other people better with my work.


-What art do you most identify with?
I have no idea really, I identify myself with people who search – It could be anything of anyone. People who ask question other than having answers.
So if the discipline was an art it would be philosophy.


Interview by weekend house kids. Photography by @lluifrabregas

Special thanks Lluisa Fabregas. Celestino García & Fátima Mouzo

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the art of intuition

This season we pay tribute to the first female art collector in history, Peggy Guggenheim, a woman who without understanding art, but thanks to her great intuition, collected works of the best contemporary art artists in history.



She supported the three most important artistic movements of the last hundred years: cubism, surrealism and abstract expressionism.
That is why our collection is a walk through the different aspects of her life, from her figure as an icon, her pets and her beloved city of Venice.


The Colour palette


Oranges pay tribute to their figure as an art icon, from an extravagant glasses that so characterized her to the white high boots.
The turquoise palette is dedicated to one of her 14th dogs of the Lhasa Apsos breed and her big love for animals, one of them was little Sir Herbert.


In the browns we find our tribute to the beautiful city of Venice, the place where she founded her museum. In 1951 Peggy decided to open the doors of her Venetian palace to the public, three afternoons a week and completely free, so that whoever wanted could enjoy her magnificent art collection. “For her, the collection was something to share”.


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ane & jose

We went into a family day with Ane and Jose, we asked them to portray their children in the perfect Weekend, and from there we get a natural and spontaneous session. This couple of photographers and creatives let us take a look at their daily life. Is there anything better than a family Weekend?



Ane Yarza and Jose A. Lopez, photographers.
@aneandjose  www.aneandjose.com


We met at the university studying photography, we started our professional career separately as assistant photographers for several years. In 2015 we started a new project together focused on fashion and advertising.


weekend house kids.: How does your son define you?

Ane&Jose: (It would be great if he would give his point of view of what you are doing). My parents take pictures, I think it’s a very fun job, but when I grow up I want to be a DJ and a scientist.


WHK: What inspires you in your profession?

A&J: The light


WHK: Being parents has made you change the way you see things behind the camera?

A&J: Being parents has changed the way we see life in general! haha! In fact when Odei was born it was when we decided to leave the assistance to give the step to create a project together as photographers.


WHK: Favorite plan with kids?

A&J: Any plan that involves nature and a little exercise.





WHK: Favorite plan without kids?

A&J: Something as simple as going out to dinner with your partner.


WHK: What is it like working together, how do you manage as a couple?

A&J: 🙂 Intense but easy at the same time. When we are working there is a special connection in which one look says it all. The fact of being a couple also implies that work is always there, in the day to day of our family.


WHK: Among your photographic projects there are several children’s campaigns, artistic still lifes, fashion, personal projects… What do you prefer, the world of adults or children?

A&J: What we love is to be able to jump between these two worlds, so as not to get burned by any of them, and this profession allows us to do it. Today you make children, tomorrow still lifes, the day after a fashion edit and the next day some portraits just for the fun of it…








WHK: Can you define the day of the session

A&J: We did the session for WeekendHouse during a weekend that we went to visit some friends who had just moved to Torredembarra (Tarragona). In fact they are very special friends, as they are the godparents of our kids Odei and Lea. They told us that near their house there was a beautiful little cove and we thought about bringing the clothes and taking the photos there, and the truth is that when we arrived we loved the place and also the light was incredibly beautiful. We presented it as if it were a game for our children, basically we put their clothes on and let them do whatever they wanted, and of course, when you let two children play free on a wonderful beach… very cool things start to happen! Besides, the fact that they are siblings was a plus, since they hugged spontaneously, they kissed… It was very nice!
Even our eldest son ended up bathing naked in the sea in the middle of February!








Interview by weekend house kids. Photography by @aneandjose