Surrealism AW2021

"The imaginary is what tends to become real"
André Breton

Welcome to the surrealists house, 
the perfect place to let your imagination fly.
Look around you because you have lots of new friends waiting for you. In the kitchen, Mr. Worm, the most well-mannered worm of them all, with his beret says hello from his house, the apple. We peek outside the window and in the garden, we see the dear blue horse, the most elegant and radiant horse you have ever seen. We look up and see that the chilly sun is wearing a woolly hat. But what do we see in the distance? We take our binoculars and we see that the spotted cat is coming closer and is as happy as ever. We say goodbye to Mrs. Pear, who today is wearing brown trousers. Oh No! She’s forgotten her shoes, she goes back inside and she chooses the prettiest pair of shoes from her wardrobe, how elegant and well dressed is Mrs. Pear? the best-dressed pear in all the pear trees.
Art direction Weekend house Kids , Photography Raul Ruz, Hair & Make up  Sara Navarro, Video Hector Ferreño.
Kids:  Cahaya, Julia & Nacho  : )