Life is a Playground

From Noguchi to Miró, and their way of seeing life as a game. The spaces, the colours, places full of dynamic forms that transport us to our inner child. We were inspired by the parks that Noguchi designed in the primary colours of Miró’s art.
So the street is a board game and we are surrounded by the game pieces. On the left, crossing the crosswalk there’s the small Tangram with its geometric pieces painted in primary colours. ‘Cuaccc’ sounds from the distance. It’s the Goose. She doesn ́t make any decision before rolling her gigantic dice. ‘If 1 comes out, I go forward. If 2 comes out then I turn to the left’, and so on with each face of the dice....
We cross the park. Something snakes through the grass. It’s the jump rope, coming up and waving at us ‘Good evening, jump rope.’ Then we hear ‘Achisss’, it’s Mr. Parchis. ‘Excuse my sneeze, it’s my spring allergies’; its 4 colours live together and fight all day. Imagine the situation: The green is fighting with the yellow but blue is red’s best friend, although in the end everything works out and harmony is restored.
The sweetest moment arrives. The chewing gum machine arrives; always ready to give us our favourite flavor. Yours is watermelon, ours is strawberry. Night is coming, ‘How sleepy! Lets go to sleep’. We are happy with today and look forward to what will happen tomorrow, because life is a playground