Directed by….


Popcorn ready, we all take our seats and get ready for the trip we are about to take.
Cinema is a journey full of dreams and stories that transport us to different worlds.
Our new collection pays tribute to cinema, from the arrival of sound to the big screen, going from black and white to colour, and all the anecdotes in between, that have happened in a movie theatre. 
A nod to the evolution of the moving image and the fascination it creates in each one of us.
Millions of stories have crossed the big screen and all the people who are important in the world of cinema, beyond the actors and actresses, this collection is a tribute to each one of the people who make it possible for a film to come to life, from the screenwriter to the producer, composer…Including the ticket salesman who sells us a ticket with a smile.
And with that, sit down and enjoy the collection that you are about to see with Weekend House Kids.

Welcome to Directed by… Weekend House Kids.