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We went into a family day with Ane and Jose, we asked them to portray their children in the perfect Weekend, and from there we get a natural and spontaneous session. This couple of photographers and creatives let us take a look at their daily life. Is there anything better than a family Weekend?



Ane Yarza and Jose A. Lopez, photographers.
@aneandjose  www.aneandjose.com


We met at the university studying photography, we started our professional career separately as assistant photographers for several years. In 2015 we started a new project together focused on fashion and advertising.


weekend house kids.: How does your son define you?

Ane&Jose: (It would be great if he would give his point of view of what you are doing). My parents take pictures, I think it’s a very fun job, but when I grow up I want to be a DJ and a scientist.


WHK: What inspires you in your profession?

A&J: The light


WHK: Being parents has made you change the way you see things behind the camera?

A&J: Being parents has changed the way we see life in general! haha! In fact when Odei was born it was when we decided to leave the assistance to give the step to create a project together as photographers.


WHK: Favorite plan with kids?

A&J: Any plan that involves nature and a little exercise.





WHK: Favorite plan without kids?

A&J: Something as simple as going out to dinner with your partner.


WHK: What is it like working together, how do you manage as a couple?

A&J: 🙂 Intense but easy at the same time. When we are working there is a special connection in which one look says it all. The fact of being a couple also implies that work is always there, in the day to day of our family.


WHK: Among your photographic projects there are several children’s campaigns, artistic still lifes, fashion, personal projects… What do you prefer, the world of adults or children?

A&J: What we love is to be able to jump between these two worlds, so as not to get burned by any of them, and this profession allows us to do it. Today you make children, tomorrow still lifes, the day after a fashion edit and the next day some portraits just for the fun of it…








WHK: Can you define the day of the session

A&J: We did the session for WeekendHouse during a weekend that we went to visit some friends who had just moved to Torredembarra (Tarragona). In fact they are very special friends, as they are the godparents of our kids Odei and Lea. They told us that near their house there was a beautiful little cove and we thought about bringing the clothes and taking the photos there, and the truth is that when we arrived we loved the place and also the light was incredibly beautiful. We presented it as if it were a game for our children, basically we put their clothes on and let them do whatever they wanted, and of course, when you let two children play free on a wonderful beach… very cool things start to happen! Besides, the fact that they are siblings was a plus, since they hugged spontaneously, they kissed… It was very nice!
Even our eldest son ended up bathing naked in the sea in the middle of February!








Interview by weekend house kids. Photography by @aneandjose